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Published for more than 70 years, the Food and Drug Law Journal is a peer-reviewed quarterly devoted to the scholarly analysis of legislation, regulations, court decisions, and public policies affecting the development, manufacture, marketing, and use of foods, drugs, biologics, cosmetics, medical devices, and tobacco.

Since 2015 the Journal is published in partnership with the Georgetown University Law Center and the O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law.

The latest issue of the Food and Drug Law Journal has just been released.  

Issue 71:2 of the Food and Drug Law Journal features articles presented at our second annual symposium, Constitutional Challenges to FDA Law and Regulation, held at Georgetown University Law Center last fall. Topics included First Amendment and preemption jurisprudence.  Here is a sample article, by Nathan A. Brown and Eli Tomar of Akin Gump, on drug compounding as a case study for the preemptive scope of FDA’s jurisdiction in traditionally state-regulated areas.

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Volume 71, Number 2 Table of Contents

201 Remarks of the FDA Commissioner: The Food and Drug Law Institute’s 59th Annual Conference
Robert M. Califf

Manuscripts presented at the 2nd Annual Food and Drug Law Journal Symposium:

October 31, 2015, Georgetown University Law Center

Tracing FTC’s Line on Commercial Speech:  What Makes an Ad an Ad and Why Does It Matter?
Katie Bond

The Benefits of Regulatory Friction in Shaping Policy
Diana R.H. Winters

Preemption of Non-Federal Restraints on Off-Label Product Communications
Jeffrey Chasnow and Geoffrey Levitt

Could State Regulations be the Next Frontier in Preemption Jurisprudence? Drug Compounding as a Case Study
Nathan A. Brown and Eli Tomar

The Scope of Preemption under the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act
Sam F. Halabi

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