The Food and Drug Law Institute, founded in 1949, is a non-profit organization that provides a marketplace for discussing food and drug law issues through conferences, publications and member interaction. The scope of FDLI includes food, drugs, animal drugs, biologics, cosmetics, diagnostics, dietary supplements, medical devices and tobacco. FDLI is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. FDLI does not engage in advocacy activities.

    FDLI’s Mission is to provide education, training, and publications on topical food and drug law; act as a liaison to promote networking as a means to develop professional relationships and idea generation; and ensure an open, balanced marketplace of ideas to inform innovative public policy, law, and regulation.

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    Members Only ContentSelf-Enforcement of Regulatory Compliance through a Culture of Credibility with By Joshua Axelrod, Esq., M.B.A.
    November 2013 (Update Article)

    Rethinking the FDA’s Food/Supplement Framework with Michael Gruver and Glenn Pogust, Kaye Scholer LLP
    April 2014 (Policy Forum)

    Beyond Cheeseburgers: The Impact of Commonsense Consumption Acts on Futu... with Cara L. Wilking and Richard A. Daynard,
    August 2013 (Journal Article)

    A Practical Guide to FDA’s Food and Drug Law and Regulation -5th Edition with Edited by Wayne Pines and Ken Pina
    April 2014 (Book)

    Members Only ContentAttack on Multiple Fronts in Nutraceutical Marketing: The threat of FTC... with By Kim M. Schmid, Jenny Young, Katherine Fillmore
    November 2013 (Update Article)

    Should Oral Contraceptives Be Available Over the Counter? with Britt Wahlin, AM, Director of Development and Communications, Ibis Reproductive Health Kate Grindlay, MSc, Senior Project Manager, Ibis Reproductive Health and Daniel Grossman, MD, Vice President of Research, Ibis Reproductive Health
    March 2014 (Policy Forum)

    Food and Consumer Health Product Claims Substantiation: A Comprehensive ... with Melanie Fairchild-Dzanis, Co-Editor-in-Chief; Sarah Roller, Co-Editor-in-Chief
    December 2013 (Book)

    FDCA Statutory Supplement, 2013 with Editor, Joy Liu, Esq
    December 2013 (Book)

    Bringing Your Medical Device to Market, 3rd Edition with John B. Reiss, Editor
    April 2013 (Book)

    Brazilian Drug and Medical Device Regulation: A Practical Guide with Edited by: Carlos T. Angulo and Areta L. Kupchyk
    January 2013 (Book)

    Off-Label Communications: A Guide to Sales & Marketing Compliance, 3rd E... with Edited by Mark Carlisle Levy
    September 2012 (Book)

    Food and Drug Law and Regulation, 2nd Edition with David G. Adams, Richard M. Cooper, Martin J. Hahn & Jonathan S. Kahan, Editors
    December 2011 (Book)