FDLI Staff

Amy Comstock Rick, JD
President & CEO
202-371-1425[email protected]



Hayley Carpenter
Chief Operating Officer
202-222-0903 | [email protected]


Laura A. Brown, JD
Director, Educational Programs
202-222-0894 | [email protected]

Lauren Burke
Manager, Membership and Data Analytics
202-222-0907 | [email protected]

Benjamin Butz
Director, Membership and Stakeholder Engagement
202-222-0905 | [email protected]

Coleen Carney
Manager, Meetings
202-222-0897 | [email protected]

Tina Chang
Manager, Salesforce
202-222-0909 | [email protected]

Carrie E. Cole
202-222-0902 | [email protected]

Jennifer Cooper
Digital Marketing Coordinator
202-222-0912 | [email protected]

Claire Day
Manager, Educational Programs
202-222-0904 | [email protected]



Cathy S. Kiss
Senior Director, Meetings and Partnerships
202-222-0906 | [email protected]

Steven Leslie, Esq.
Assistant Director, Educational Programs 
202-222-0896 | [email protected]

Khara L. Minter
Assistant Director, Training Programs
202-222-0893 | [email protected]

Norman Francis Jr.
Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator
202-222-0892 | [email protected]

Paige Samson, JD
Director, Innovative Programs and Publications
202-222-0891 | [email protected]

Melissa Scales, JD
Assistant Director, Educational Programs
202-222-0895 | [email protected]

Kiana Walker
Manager, Web
202-222-0901 | [email protected]

Ren White
Manager, Publications
202-222-0890 | [email protected]

Daniel Zinn
Manager, Communications and Operations 
202-222-0898 | [email protected]