Remarks by the Director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

Susan T. Mayne, PHD
May 17, 2023
Food and Drug Law Institute 2023 Annual Conference 


Good afternoon. As most of you are aware, I will be retiring from FDA at the end of this month, and today is my last time meeting with you as the Director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. Serving as the Center Director, in a role where I have been able to engage everyday with exceptional staff, passionate advocates, and partners committed to advancing public health—some such partners are in the room today—has been the honor of my lifetime.

From implementing FSMA to redesigning the Nutrition Facts label, working to reduce sodium in the food supply and to analyzing outbreak investigations with food safety experts—together we have made tremendous progress toward making the food we feed our families as safe and as nutritious as it has ever been. Traditionally, at the annual FDLI meeting, the Center Director provides updates on the past year—which I will weave throughout my talk today—but I would also like for you to join me in looking back at some of CFSAN’s key accomplishments from my eight and a half years leading the center.