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Food Law and Regulation, Inspection and Enforcement – an FDLI Primer

June 2015

This primer is designed to be an introduction to food law and regulation. Food law is an ever-growing and ever-changing area of law and r...

Food and Drug Law and Regulation, 3rd Edition

March 2015

Written by the most experienced food and drug attorneys in the United States and edited by four of the most distinguished authorities in ...

Guide to U.S. Import Requirements for Food: An FDLI Primer

August 2014

Kathleen Cannon (Co-Editor-In Chief) and Sarah Roller (Co-Editor in Chief) Contributors: Kathleen Cannon, Grace W. Kim, Jennifer L. McDow...


Members Only ContentUpdate Magazine July/August 2015

August 2015

What’s in a Name? Quantifying the Economic Value of Label Information    by Anthony J. Anscombe.......................

Members Only ContentUpdate Magazine May/June 2015

July 2015

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Reply to Professor Sugarman

June 2015

This special edition of the Food and Drug Law Institute’s Food and Drug Policy Forum features a response to an earlier article...

Should Food Businesses Be Able to Use the First Amendment to Resist Providing Consumers with Government-Mandated Public Health Messages?

April 2015

Should government-mandated food labeling ever be considered unconstitutional as impermissible “compelled speech”?  Steph...

Food & Drug Law Journal

A Tale of Two Transparency Attempts at FDA, 68 Food and Drug Law Journal, 423-449 (2013)

July 2015

This Article describes and evaluates two elements of the FDA’s recent operations implicating information transparency: the Transpar...

The Varieties and Limits of Transparency in U.S. Food Law, 70 Food and Drug Law Journal 11–24 (2015)

January 2015

Georgetown University Law Center: Reflections on Current Food and Drug Law Issues For this inaugural issue of the FDLI–Georgetown...

FDA–EPA Public Health Guidance on Fish Consumption: A Case Study on Informal Interagency Cooperation in “Shared Regulatory Space,” 70 Food and Drug Law Journal 101–142 (2015).

January 2015

This article is a case study on how administrative agencies interact with each other in cases of shared regulatory jurisdiction. The theo...