Books & Primers

Food and Drug Law and Regulation, 3rd Edition

March 2015

Written by the most experienced food and drug attorneys in the United States and edited by four of the most distinguished authorities in ...

Guide to U.S. Import Requirements for Food: An FDLI Primer

August 2014

Kathleen Cannon (Co-Editor-In Chief) and Sarah Roller (Co-Editor in Chief) Contributors: Kathleen Cannon, Grace W. Kim, Jennifer L. McDow...

A Practical Guide to FDA’s Food and Drug Law and Regulation -5th Edition

April 2014

A Practical Guide to Food and Drug Law and Regulation provides a basic introduction to the laws and regulations that govern the developme...


Should Food Businesses Be Able to Use the First Amendment to Resist Providing Consumers with Government-Mandated Public Health Messages?

April 2015

Should government-mandated food labeling ever be considered unconstitutional as impermissible “compelled speech”?  Steph...

Food Fight: An Examination of Recent Trends in Food Litigation and Where We Go From Here

April 2015

This special issue of the Food and Drug Law Institute’s Food and Drug Policy Forum brings together a series of short reflections on...

A Natural Solution: Why Should FDA Define “Natural” Foods?

September 2014

Issue 9 of the FDLI Policy Forum, entitled “A Natural Solution: Why Should FDA Define “Natural” Foods?” focuses o...

GRAS Exemption and GRAS Notification: Is There a Need for Significant Changes to Current Policy?

August 2014

GRAS, or generally recognized as safe, is an exemption that allows ingredients that are considered to be GRAS for their intended use to b...

Food & Drug Law Journal

Beyond Cheeseburgers: The Impact of Commonsense Consumption Acts on Future Obesity-Related Lawsuits, 68 Food and Drug Law Journal, 229-239 (2013).

August 2013

Since 2004, 25 states have passed Commonsense Consumption Acts (CCAs) to shield the food industry from civil liability for claims arising...

Meet Your Meat: The Argument for Increasing Education and Public Outreach Regarding the Regulation and Safety of Animal Biotechnology, 68 Food and Drug Law Journal, 281-307 (2013)

August 2013

Biotechnology has evolved beyond the realm of child’s guess-and-check to a precise science, and now promises to help solve some of ...

Does Sackett Foreshadow the End of Non-Reviewability for FDA Warning Letters?, 68 Food and Drug Law Journal, 241-258 (2013).

August 2013

FDA warning letters are considered non-final agency actions and thus are not subject to judicial review under the Administrative Procedur...