Membership Benefits

Food and Drug Law Institute is a nonprofit membership organization committed to providing timely information, analysis, and a platform for discussion on the latest issues in FDA regulated products.

FDLI offers organization and individual memberships, and benefits including:

Building Your Professional Presence

Members are offered highly coveted speaking opportunities at conferences, webinars, or introductory training courses. These sessions provide an opportunity to demonstrate expertise, interact with government officials, and engage with your peers. Members are also invited to author articles and book chapters on key topics.

Connecting with Your Legal and Regulatory Peers

Interact with colleagues at FDLI events, and serve on member-only committees and editorial boards for FDLI program and publication development to build your network and meet regulators.

Expanding Your Expertise

Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the field with Update magazine and explore the latest research with Food and Drug Law Journal. Read FDLI SmartBrief and FDLI Weekly for the latest legislative and regulatory information.

Enhancing Your Professional Development

Attend FDLI conferences, webinars, and meetings to keep abreast of current hot topics.

Training New and Junior Staff

Get staff new to the field or in related fields up-to-speed with introductory courses. Junior staff members can also join the New to Food and Drug Law Group to further their professional growth.

Strengthening the Future

Contribute to the growth of the field by educating the next generation, participating in constructive dialogue, and assuring high standards of practice are supported.

Saving on Essential Resources

Membership includes invitations to member-only meetings and no-cost-to-members webinars, as well as a savings of up to 50% on conferences, webinars, publications, and job listings.

Organization Memberships

Organization memberships include subscriptions to all periodicals and communications for designated professionals in a relevant role plus one subscription to the print version of the Journal, a $299 value per organization.

Manufacturing company (at the $1 billion and more in sales dues rate) and law firm memberships, include a complimentary registration (a $1,999 value) to the FDLI Annual Conference. Companies at the less than $1 billion in sales dues rate get a 50% discount on the registration fee.

Individual Memberships

To be able to offer sharply reduced dues rates, government employees, students, and Emeritus members get access to Update magazine and the Food and Drug Law Journal online only.