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Membership Rates & Categories

FDLI membership is available to organizations and individuals. If you are employed by an organization eligible for membership you are not eligible for an individual membership. Please contact us if you have questions about the appropriate membership category.

Organization Memberships


Manufacturer dues are based on the company’s previous fiscal year’s sales, defined as sales resulting from the manufacture of FDA- or USDA-regulated products.

No sales – start-up: $1,250
Less than $100 million: $2,250
$100 – $500 million: $4,750
$500 million – $1 billion: $7,750
$1 – $10 billion: $11,750
More than $10 billion: $13,750

Contract Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributers

Contract Manufacturer (organization that makes products under contract for other companies), Supplier and Distributor dues are based on the company’s previous fiscal year’s sales, defined as sales resulting from the manufacture and/or distribution of FDA- or USDA-regulated products.

Less than $100 million: $2,500
$100 – 500 million: $3,500
$500 million – 1 billion: $4,500
More than $1 billion: $5,500

Law Firms

Firms with two or more attorneys engaged in food and drug law.

Service Organizations

Consulting firms, contract research organizations, academic research organizations, academic health centers, professional service groups, marketing and public relations firms, or any other business providing professional services.

Associations, Policy Institutions and Public Interest Groups

Associations, policy institutions and public interest groups whose interest and/or constituency includes anything related to the regulation of food, medical products, dietary supplements, cosmetics, tobacco.

Individual Memberships

Sole Practitioner Attorney or Consultant

Self-employed individuals providing legal or consulting services. An individual who is a full-time employee of an entity that is eligible for FDLI membership as a law firm or professional service organization qualifies provided that the individual is the only member of the organization engaged in the field of food and drug law.


Full-time faculty members at institutions of higher education, who teach, conduct research or publish. Adjunct faculty are included in the definition only if they are not also employed by an entity eligible for FDLI membership.

Government Employees

Full-time employees of a federal, state, local, or foreign government agency.


Full-time students enrolled at a college or university. An individual employed by an organization eligible for FDLI membership may not join as a student. Students must submit a copy of their current class schedule to [email protected].

Emeritus Membership

Emeritus membership is reserved for any individual who is retired and who wants to continue involvement with the food and drug law community and support the Institute. This is a lifetime membership with a one-time dues payment.