General Information

The Drug Quality and Security Act: Meeting Supply Chain Responsibilities

February 20 | Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP | Washington, DC





Who Will Attend

  • In House Counsel
  • External Counsel
  • Academics
  • Industry professionals in the pharmaceuticals industry
  • Drug Regulators
  • Government officials

The recently enacted Drug Quality and Security Act will have a significant impact on drug manufacturers, wholesalers and pharmacies in terms of its track and trace requirements. The Act provides specific requirements for these stakeholders throughout the drug distribution supply chain. The statute is designed to ensure the safety and legitimacy of drugs in the supply chain to prevent the distribution adulterated or counterfeit products. This conference will focus on the nuts and bolts of the track and trace provisions of the Drug Quality and Security act and discuss the challenges facing the implementation of a nation-wide recordkeeping system. Speakers will break down the act to explain, define and translate the complex law and plan for future implementation.