Food and Drug Policy Forum Author Guidelines

 Article Guidelines

  • Articles are generally about 4,500 words, or 10 published pages, although length can vary between 3,000 – 7,500 words.
  • Titles usually take the form of a question.
  • Typically, specific and detailed recommendations are featured in the manuscript.
  • Policy Forum uses standard legal citation form as set forth in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed., The Harvard Law Review Association, Cambridge, Massachusetts).
  • Authors should submit a brief biographical sketch (approximately 100 words) to be included in the publication.

Submission of Manuscripts and Deadlines

  • Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.
  • Each issue of Food and Drug Policy Forum features a single article, although multiple authors may contribute, and we accept compendiums of multiple perspectives, dialogues, and responses to previous articles.
  • Articles are published electronically and shared with the FDLI membership online.
  • A manuscript should be submitted to FDLI at least one (1) month prior to the proposed publication date.
  • Publication dates are not guaranteed and are amendable at the discretion of the authors and editor.

Manuscripts and editorial correspondence should be directed to [email protected].  Authors should obtain permission to submit their manuscript for publication consideration from their employer if required.

Peer Review

All articles submitted for publication consideration to the Food and Drug Policy Forum are peer reviewed by members of the Policy Forum’s Editorial Advisory Board. FDLI reserves the right to edit manuscripts accepted for publication. Where substantive changes are suggested, authors are queried with suggested edits.

Publication Policy

Articles and any other material published in the Policy Forum represent the opinions of the author(s) and should not be construed to reflect the opinions of the Editor-in-Chief, FDLI, or the Editorial Advisory Board Members. All submitted articles are expected to reflect the highest professional standards. Staffing and resource limitations preclude the Policy Forum editorial staff from performing fact-checking, cite-checking, Shepardizing, or additional research. These types of substantive issues are the sole responsibility of the author. Except under unusual circumstances, it is FDLI’s policy to publish only original work that has not appeared elsewhere. Manuscripts are accepted for review by the Editor in Chief with the understanding that the same work has not been and will not be published elsewhere; that all persons listed as authors have given their approval for the submission of the paper; and that any person cited as a source of personal communication has approved such citation.


Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if it is accepted for publication, the copyright to the article, including the right to reproduce the article in all forms and media, shall be assigned exclusively to FDLI.

FDLI will not refuse any reasonable request by the author for permission to reproduce any of his or her contributions to the Food and Drug Policy Forum.

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board meets periodically in Washington, DC to discuss important current subjects within the fields of food, drug, cosmetic, medical devices, biologics, and tobacco law. The Board’s function is to provide policy direction for the editorial activities of the Policy Forum. The specific editorial statements and analyses of the Policy Forum’s contents are not attributable to the Editorial Advisory Board, FDLI, or to any individual member or members.