FDA Regulation of Tobacco Products

October 21, 2015  |  Ronald Reagan Building  |  Washington, DC



Program Description 

This one-day conference focuses on significant issues and developments in the regulation of tobacco products. Government employees, industry professionals, public health representatives, and academics will provide updates on the latest developments on the state level and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) priorities for tobacco product regulation. Participants will review regulatory developments from 2015, and look ahead to future issues on the horizon.  

Speakers will offer:

  • Insight on  FDA’s proposed deeming regulations
  • CTP’s priorities for 2015 
  • The continuum of risk and modified risk tobacco products 
  • Evolving product standards 
  • Electronic nicotine delivery systems 
  • Issues related to current and future tobacco policy

These topics and more will be discussed in a marketplace of ideas that will benefit all sides of the table. Get an update, ask your questions, and join us to think more about the regulation of tobacco in the United States.

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