Guide to U.S. Import Requirements for Cosmetics and Other Personal Care Products - An FDLI Primer

Posted on June 2015 by Kathleen Cannon (Co-Editor-In Chief) and Sarah Roller (Co-Editor in Chief) Contributors: Kathleen Cannon, Grace W. Kim, Jennifer L. McDowell, Bridget M. Richardson

Edited by Kathleen W. Cannon and Sarah Roller, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Cosmetics and other personal care products that are destined for importation into the United States and for marketing more

By Marc C. Sanchez, Contract In-House Counsel and Consultants, LLC This resource offers an overview of the regulation of food from the postmarket enforcement perspective. Readers will obtain a more

The Cosmetics Regulatory Process

Posted on January 2013 by Elizabeth H. Anderson and Farah K. Ahmed

Instant Access, Purchase and Download Now by Elizabeth H. Anderson and Farah K. Ahmed The Cosmetics Regulatory Process primer provides a thorough baseline of key legal concepts and issues more

Effective Advocacy in FDA Matters

Posted on October 2010 by James Czaban, Bert Rein

About This Monograph Prior to 2012, FDLI published the FDLI Monograph Series, which consisted of six monographs annually. We now publish 4 to 6 Primers each year. The Food and Drug more