Food and Drug Policy Forum

FDLI's Food and Drug Policy Forum provides a marketplace for the exchange of policy ideas regarding food and drug law issues, and is complimentary to all FDLI Members. Policy Forum articles are on cutting-edge state, national and international policy issues related to food and drug law.

The Policy Forum is published biweekly (24 times a year) and is provided as a complimentary benefit to FDLI members, and by subscription to non-members. Individual issues of the Policy Forum are also available for separate purchase.

Food and Drug Policy Forum

Biosimilar Nomenclature: Can we Achieve the Truth, the Whole Truth, & Nothing but the Truth?

September 2014

Issue 8 of the FDLI Policy Forum, written by Peter Pitts, focuses on biosimilar nomenclature and recommends that FDA require differential...

The GRAS Exemption and GRAS Notification: Is There a Need for Significant Changes to Current Policy?

August 2014

Volume 4 Issue 7 of the FDLI Policy Forum – GRAS Issue 7 of the FDLI Policy Forum focuses on the generally recognized as safe (GRAS...

E-cigarettes: A life-saving technology or a way for tobacco companies to re-normalize smoking in American Society?

July 2014

This issue of Policy Forum, written by Joel Nitzkin, focuses on e-cigarettes and recommend adding a tobacco harm reduction component to t...

Can Bayesian Extrapolation Improve FDA Regulation of Off-Label Uses of Drugs and Devices?

June 2014

In this Policy Forum, Authors Ryan Abbott and Ian Ayres explore the issue of extrapolation arising in the regulation of medicine. The aut...

Rethinking the FDA’s Food/Supplement Framework

April 2014

FDLI Policy Forum Volume 4, Issue 4 was published on April 2, 2014. This issue focuses on the FDA guidance for industry titled, “Di...

Additional Policy Forum Details

The Policy Forum welcomes articles on cutting-edge state, national and international policy issues related to food and drug law. FDLI's Food and Drug Policy Forum is designed to provide a venue for the presentation of information, analysis and policy recommendations in the following areas: food, drugs, animal drugs, biologics, cosmetics, diagnostics, dietary supplements, medical devices and tobacco.

Each peer-reviewed issue of the Policy Forum presents an important policy topic in the form of a question, provides background information and detailed discussion of the issues involved in that policy question, details the relevant research, cites pertinent sources, and then makes policy recommendations.

The 23-member Food and Drug Policy Forum Editorial Advisory Board, comprised of 9 leading associations and 14 individuals involved in food and drug law issues, provides peer review and guidance on articles considered for publication in the Forum.

  • Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
  • Drug Information Association
  • Environmental Working Group
  • Food Marketing Institute
  • Medical Device Manufacturers Association
  • The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • PhRMA
  • Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association
  • United Fresh Produce Association