Webinars and Distance Learning

A webinar is an Internet-based conference during which participants view handouts/slides via a web browser and listen to the speakers by telephone. This distance learning vehicle allows learners to participate in a conference without leaving the office. FDLI webinars are usually 1.5-2 hours long. During an FDLI webinar, time is allotted for live questions and answers, allowing interaction between the speakers and learners. To participate in a webinar, a participant, known as a site, needs a computer with Internet access and a telephone. Shortly before the webinar, a registered site receives log-in, browser test and dial-in instructions, and information on how to access slides by email. The person registered for the webinar is the one who receives the password-protected instructions. For each computer and telephone connection, a site consists of an individual or a whole room full of colleagues in one location. FDLI's webinar vendor is provided with a list of confirmed and registered participants/sites. If a site does not appear on the list, the vendor may not connect or will disconnect unconfirmed sites.

What value do FDLI webinars provide? By registering for an FDLI webinar, you will obtain the most updated information on specific food and drug law and regulation topics. Further, you can immediately share the practical information with your colleagues and/or employ in your job. This distance learning option saves your organization time and travel costs. Do you need Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits? Contact FDLI's Conference Department and ask how to obtain CLEs for distance learning.