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The Future of Nicotine Delivery: Science, Regulation and Policy

An FDLI Dialogue

October 17, 2012  | Washington, DC


Tobacco, Drugs,  Medical Devices, Food, Dietary Supplements



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Program Description

In an open, balanced format, experts discussed a range of products that deliver nicotine, from smoking cessation products regulated as drugs to modified risk tobacco products. Participants delved into key questions about FDA’s current and future strategies for regulating this range of products; examining questions of definition, such as whether a product is a drug, device, tobacco, food, or dietary supplement, and the regulatory significance of such determinations. Discussions addressed the scientific evaluation of claims, uses, and risk as well as reviewed comparative case studies that may provide useful parallels from other regulated products and industries.

Who Attended

  • Attorneys, regulatory staff and compliance personnel who work in the tobacco, medical products, food, and dietary supplements industry for corporations and manufacturers of tobacco products, including smokeless/modified risk tobacco products, smoking cessation products, and other products that deliver nicotine
  • Regulatory affairs professionals and scientists who work in the area of nicotine
  • Medical professionals, public health and consumer advocates, and other individuals working in the smoking control area 
  • Academics and other research organizations and members of the press who study and report on issues related to nicotine and other tobacco products, control, developing regulation, and litigation