General Information

FDA Regulation of Tobacco Products

October 29, 2013  |  Washington, DC





Program Description

This one-day conference focuses on significant developments in the federal regulation of tobacco products. The program brings together government, industry and public interest experts to provide updates on the latest developments in FDA tobacco product regulation. With guidance from expert speakers, participants will review regulatory developments from 2013 and look ahead to the next year.  Speakers will also discuss evolving product standards, issues related to current and future research efforts, and explore harm reduction strategies.  Panelists will engage attendees in discussion of the regulation of modified risk tobacco products, with a focus on developments in electronic cigarette oversight.

Who Should Attend

  • Attorneys, regulatory staff and compliance personnel who work for manufacturers of tobacco products, including modified risk tobacco products 

  • Regulatory and other scientists who work in the area of tobacco

  • Medical professionals, public health and consumer advocates, and other individuals working in the smoking control area 

  • Academics, consultants and other research organizations and the press who study and report on issues related to tobacco products, control, developing regulation and litigation