Distinguished Service and Leadership Award

Each year FDLI recognizes up to four individuals from various areas of the food and drug law community for their notable service and leadership. FDLI announces the recipients at its Annual Holiday and Leadership Awards Reception held in December of each year. Previous award recipients are listed below.

Nomination Information and Requirements

FDLI members and non members are encouraged to recognize their colleagues and peers by submitting a nomination to FDLI. Nominations are solicited in October of each year. Nominations should include a brief biographical sketch and brief overview of the individual’s contributions to FDLI and/or the food and drug law community.

Recipients should have a demonstrable record of:

  • Sustained service, leadership and contribution to the food and drug law community;
  • Sustained service, leadership and contribution to FDLI;
  • An exceptional contribution to the food and drug law community, or
  • An exceptional contribution to FDLI.

Contributions may include, for example, scholarship, creating a major legal precedent, representing the public interest, or a long career in food and drug law that merits recognition. Email Raegan Rivers  to submit a nomination.

Past Distinguished Service and Leadership Award Recipients

1993 George M. Burditt  
1994 Alan H. Kaplan  
1995 Peter Barton Hutt  
1996 Stuart J. Land  
1997 Richard M. Cooper  
1998 Gary L. Yingling  
1999 Joel E. Hoffman
Linda R. Horton
Wayne L. Pines
Kristine A. Rapp
2001 Joseph A. Levitt
Richard A. Merrill
Michael P. Peskoe
Myron S. Weinberg
2002 Frederick H. Degnan
Christopher L. Hagenbush
Daniel L. Michels
Robert J. Temple
2003 J. Paul Hile
Paul M. Hyman
Patrick M. McLain
Robert M. Spiller, Jr.
2004 Eric Blumberg
Anthony C. Celeste
Bruce N. Kuhlik
Stephen H. McNamara
2005 Eve E. Bachrach
Lester M. Crawford
Mark Novitch
William B. Schultz
2006 Joseph V. Rodricks
Nancy Singer
Ann H. Wion
William W. Vodra
2007 Ron M. Johnson
Suzanne White Junod
Martin J. Levitas
Eugene M. Pfeifer
2008 Susan Alpert
Eugene Lambert
Matthew Weinberg
Janet Woodcock
2009 Awarded 12/2008
Geoffrey M. Levitt
Nancy L. Buc
Murray M. Lumpkin
Sanford A. Miller
2009 Awarded 12/2009
Donald O. Beers
Arthur N. Levine
Elizabeth H. Dickinson
Marlene K. Tandy
2010 Kate Beardsley
Michael Landa
Bruce Silverglade
Mike Taylor
2011 F. Alan Andersen
Deborah M. Autor
Robert P. Brady
Eugene M. Thirolf, Jr.
 2012 Minnie Baylor-Henry
Alan Bennett
Thomas O. Henteleff
John M. Taylor III
2013  Jane A. Axelrad
Jeffrey N. Gibbs 
Kay Holcombe
Richard Kingham